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Easy crypto exchange, collateralize loans, and earn interest on your crypto holdings

Youhodler Multi Hodl

With multi-HODL, customers can invest safely with 80% of their funds while taking calculated risks with the remaining 20%.

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Youhodler Turbocharge

Turbocharge allows its users to invest their funds in a “loan chain.” Turbocharge allows its users to invest their funds in a “loan chain.”

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Youhodler Dual Asset

The end result is a user-friendly crypto wealth management platform that may provide returns of up to 365% APR.

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Youhodler Review 2024

As a new option to earn income using cryptocurrencies; both stable and altcoins, we’ll discuss Youhodler here. Consequently, in the following paragraphs, we’ll examine the efficacy and dependability of the latest method for earning interest on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency savings accounts.

Youhodler is a cryptocurrency platform that facilitates easy exchanges, loans with cryptocurrency as collateral, and interest on cryptocurrency holdings. Let’s discuss.

youhodler review

What Is Youhodler – Summary

Many people regard cryptocurrencies as a possible alternative to established fiat currencies. However, the asset’s extreme volatility often scares away inexperienced investors.


The key to making money in this market, like in any market, is to keep your assets fixed at a certain price and not give in to market pressures. But it’s far simpler to say than to actually accomplish.

Maintaining and protecting cryptocurrency holdings (HODL in English) is challenging because of the volatile performance of cryptocurrencies, especially when instantaneous access to assets is required.

Youhodler was released as a means of locating novel ways to investigate earnings potential. Youhodler loans can be secured against an investor’s cryptocurrency holdings on the platform, but the investors can keep their cryptocurrency holdings.

The platform was an immediate success among crypto enthusiasts, leading to the development of a wide range of crypto-fiat financial services. To help cryptocurrency investors make informed decisions, we’ve provided a thorough analysis of Youhodler and the value it can provide to the market.

Who, though, oversees the Youhodler website?

Youhodler is a Swiss company that offers cryptocurrency lending services. However, the Youhodler brand is legally owned by Naumard LTD, a Cyprus-based company with an office at Arch Makariou III, 172, Melford Tower, 3027 Limassol, Cyprus.

You can still HODL without waiting for the price to go up, which is one of its key ideas. Instantaneously borrow fiat funds based on the value of Bitcoin holdings. Stablecoins can also be used in conjunction with cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions, as well as the other way around.

Having the funds sent directly into a user’s bank account or charged to a credit card would be the most convenient option. Users can furthermore open a Youhodler savings account to save their cryptocurrency.

Youhodler could be thought of as a virtual savings account for your digital currency. It’s a quick and simple way for users to move money or other valuables, and it’s efficient.

How Does Youhodler Work?

The platform is designed to offer its users a comprehensive service. Everything a Youhodler crypto enthusiast or trader could want is right here.

To put it another way, Youhodler provides several options for making the most of your digital holdings. Multi HODL and Exchange are two new offerings from Youhodler.

An explanation of both items is provided below.

  • When it comes to capitalizing on market volatility, Multi HODL is a far superior tool to trading on margin at exchanges or CFDs.
  • All the advantages of cryptocurrency trading platforms and CFD trading are rolled into one with Multi HODL.

Key characteristics of YouHodler’s platform 

  •       Easy-to-use UI that doesn’t require an order book.
  •       Free of the bidding and asking spread.
  •       Without cost for a rollover (swap).
  •       Up to a 30:1 leverage (multiplier) is possible.
  •       The ability to make quick changes to active agreements.
  •       Profit from the multiplication of your funds without actually having to purchase cryptocurrency.
  •       Easy account administration for trading.

Youhodler Exchange offers minimal costs and instant buy/sell pricing for a variety of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and stablecoins.

You can now buy Bitcoin using your credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or SEPA bank account, and you can instantly convert your funds between any two cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies and stablecoins. You can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and a plethora of other coins. US Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, and British Pound are all accepted.

Youhodler Services And Products

Each Bitcoin loan needs to account for the market’s volatility in terms of pricing. Cryptocurrency prices, as many investors know, are prone to wild swings, often by double digits.

youhodler products

Youhodler has put in place procedures to ensure that the loan amount will not change even if the price of the cryptocurrency drops. There is a “lower price limit” for each possible loan package.

Youhodler claims that the Price Down Limit (PDL) gives the provider the authority to sell the guarantee and close the loan if the price of the guarantee drops below that level. If your guarantee’s price drops below 2/3 of the PDL, you’ll receive an email alert.

Your current budget won’t increase for this action.

Increases in the value of cryptocurrencies would mean: The “Take Profit” option, on the other hand, can be used if the value of the crypto-collateral rises. You can specify a Take Profit level, and whenever the price reaches that level, Youhodler will sell the collateral to repay the loan and send you the proceeds.

Customers “set the closing price” when they apply for a loan.

Crypto Lending

youhodler crypto loans

Youhodler’s capacity to provide loans to its users is probably its most unique selling point. These potential funding avenues could be seen as a hedge by an investor. A flexible entry point into the Bitcoin trading markets is provided.

A cryptocurrency-backed line of credit allows you to withdraw money whenever you need it without having to access your cryptocurrency wallet.

To put it simply, it removes a lot of the peril normally associated with making financial investments. Youhodler is ahead of the competition because of the high loan-to-value ratio it provides (up to 90%).

Youhodler is ahead of the curve because it accepts 15 different cryptos as deposits. Instantaneous cash loans are available in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). Cryptocurrency loans have competitive interest rates of 12% APR. Interest rates on short-term loans can reach 2.5%.

Let’s take a peek at Youhodler’s loan procedure now.

Youhodler provides several different loan application methods. You can use a number of different altcoins as collateral and apply for a loan in either fiat currency or Bitcoin.

What happens when you first apply is as follows:

  • Using cryptocurrency holdings as security, file a claim.
  • Obtain the agreed-upon loan amount in hard currency (USD, EURO and Stablecoin, Bitcoin).
  • In the event that the value of the guarantee has increased while the loan was outstanding, you will receive the full amount of the guarantee upon the full repayment of the loan.

It’s easy to see how straightforward the procedure is. The loan application process does not involve checking credit or determining loan eligibility. By contrast, if your promises are strong and your account is validated, you should be fine.

Crypto Exchange

Youhodler provides a convenient way to convert and swap currencies without leaving the app. It makes use of a cryptographic conversion technique that is both safe and precise. That way, they can keep managing their digital wallets right on Youhodler without having to sign up for any other third-party services.

youhodler exchange

Exchanges are executed not only between cryptocurrencies but also between cryptocurrencies and fiat/stablecoin. There is support for four different currencies: the US dollar, the Euro, the British pound, and the Swiss franc. The list of available cryptocurrencies evolves frequently.

Earn Interest

Youhodler provides an alternative way to manage your assets while retaining all the conveniences of fiat currency. Users can open a savings account and receive interest on their cryptocurrency holdings.

earn interest Youhodler

As of this writing, Youhodler’s savings account is compatible with 15 different cryptocurrencies. To make up for the absence of specific cryptocurrencies, you can swap in others or even convert fiat money.

At Youhodler, we offer weekly interest payments that compound to an annualized yield of up to 12%. Although, before putting your money down, you should consider the following.

If you withdraw money from your weekly interest-bearing account before the end of the week, you will forfeit the interest you would have received for that week. Extra cryptocurrency deposits made during the week will not accrue interest until the following week.

Your savings account will be credited with the weekly interest payment. You have the option of either withdrawing the money or keeping it in the account to use for future investments.

Multi Hodl

In this MULTI HODL review, let’s check what it’s all about. Youhodler has released a brand new offering called “Multi HODL.” Make use of the Turbocharge concept to maximize your financial resources.

Trade Crypto with ease

It’s possible to multiply the value of your cryptocurrency holdings by two using this tool and the funds currently in your wallet or Youhodler account.

Youhodler says that by adding this feature, your earnings can increase by up to 290%. Up to 12 different cryptocurrencies are available to members, and each user can adjust their own risk tolerance.

This allows you to limit your potential loss on these investments to a predetermined sum. By selecting the Multi HODL option, users can automate the reinvestment of a fixed percentage of their assets.

This sum will be used as security for a “loan chain” set up by Youhodler and operated as follows:

  • Your equity stake will be used by the platform to fund the first loan.
  • This loan is being taken out in order to secure another loan.
  • There are two further options for determining where to invest the collateral once the initial five or twenty iterations have been completed (depending on the user-specified profit/loss level).

In order to borrow US Dollars, the UP option will employ cryptocurrency as collateral. If you believe the value of cryptocurrency will rise, this strategy will be profitable for you.

As collateral, USD will be pledged in the DOWN option to secure a loan for the purchase of cryptocurrency. Profiting from a decline in cryptocurrency value is your goal here.

With multi-HODL, customers can invest safely with 80% of their funds while taking calculated risks with the remaining 20%.

Dual Asset

With Dual Asset, you may make use of both the yield creation tactics of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the ease of use of conventional FinTech systems.

The end result is a user-friendly crypto wealth management platform that may provide returns of up to 365% APR.


Let’s discuss turbocharge review here:

Turbocharge allows its users to invest their funds in a “loan chain.”

First, the number of guaranteed loans and the amount of default protection to be provided will be determined. Youhodler will immediately take out a new loan using the specified amount and Bitcoin as collateral when you click the “Turbocharge” button.

The procedure repeats itself in cycles until the user stops it. After the initial loan is approved, Youhodler does not charge any more fees. Furthermore, the interest rate for each loan is lowered. 100 USD (or 0.01 BTC) is the lowest possible initial loan amount.

YouHolder Crypto Wallet

Let’s see how this wallet works in this Youhodler wallet review: In just four easy steps, you can start earning income on your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

  •       Navigate to Youhodler’s “Wallet” page.
  •       Select “Add Money” on your wallet’s menu.
  •       Don’t forget to deposit according to the guidelines given and also, do your Youhodler KYC.
  •       Your annual savings rate might rise by up to 12%.
  •       There is no time limit on when you can request a withdrawal of your funds.

The investment options available on Youhodler are created with ease of use and productivity in mind.

crypto bitcoin wallet

Any cryptocurrency can be moved to another address, converted to fiat currency, and stored in a wallet for later use or investment. The company provides Bitcoin and over 14 other prominent cryptocurrencies with their own wallet options.

Youhodler’s dashboard is where you’ll manage your account and cash out any money from using the platform’s other features. To ensure the security of your fiat cash, Youhodler has worked with several trusted financial institutions. You can’t get a loan, create a bank account, or handle your investments in any way other than through your crypto-fiat wallet.


Exactly what are the charges and fees for using Youhodler? All fees associated with making a deposit, taking out a loan, and using the platform’s primary services are outlined below.


The following are the fees associated with the initial deposit:

Bank transfer Dollars or euros: 25 EUR or 25 USD
Loan repayment: Credit card 4.7%
Stablecoins 0
Cryptocurrency 0

In the event of a deposit using cryptocurrency, a minimum of 5 USD is required. If you want to pay with a bank transfer, you’ll need at least 100 USD, EUR, GBP, or CHF. Our total balance in all currencies is limited to $100,000 

It takes at least $100 in order to earn interest (or currencies for an amount equivalent to this value).


Youhodler withdrawal fee charges are as follows:

Fiat coins EUR: Fixed commission of euros;

USD: 1.5% with a minimum withdrawal of $ 70;

GBP: 0.15% with a minimum of £ 55;

CHF: 0.15% with a minimum of 55 Swiss francs.

Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoin Exchange rates determine the exact cost. Commissions are displayed in the Wallet section of the app. Pickup timings can shift on a moment’s notice and could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Youhodler Supported Coins

Youhodler’s escrow service and cryptocurrency trading now accept 57 different tokens. 

Among these the most interesting are:

  •       Bitcoin
  •       Ethereum
  •       Solana
  •       Tether
  •       Ripple
  •       Illuvium
  •       Chainlink
  •       Cardano
  •       Avalanche
  •       Near Protocol
  •       Decentraland
  •       Gala
  •       Dogecoin
  •       Stepn
  •       BAT

youhodler coins

In this year, 2022, Youhodler have announced a proposal to increase their range of cryptocurrencies to give users a wider investment opportunity.

Youhodler Supported Countries

One of the major questions is if Youhodler USA exists. Check out this list of unsupported countries:

  •       The USA;
  •       Unincorporated territories of the US;
  •       China;
  •       Afghanistan;
  •       Algeria;
  •       Bangladesh;
  •       Belarus;
  •       Bolivia;
  •       Crimea;
  •       Cuba;
  •       Egypt;
  •       Iran;
  •       Iraq;
  •       Morocco;
  •       Myanmar;
  •       Nepal;
  •       North Korea;
  •       Pakistan;
  •       Palestinian Territories;
  •       Russia;
  •       Sudan;
  •       Syria;
  •       Qatar;
  •       Tunisia;
  •       Saudi Arabia.

Bonuses And Promotions

When you join their affiliate program, they will provide you with a unique link that you can promote to whomever you like. You’ll earn a commission on any signups made through your Youhodler link. If more people sign up for the service, you’ll make more money. Currently, Youhodler provides a highly beneficial contract:

Their fee is USD 20 for each new savings account opened through your referral link, USD 130 for each loan requested, and USD 130 for each new TurboCharge or MultiHODL procedure started.

Anyone interested can sign up by clicking the various links throughout this review; they have no restrictions on the amount of subscribers. For this reason, it is strongly suggested for various types of financial operators or influencers. Those who can amass a sizable following will gain much from spreading Youhodler and will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

In addition, you accept payments in any currency or cryptocurrency.

Instead, the appeal of crypto & Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses lies in their ability to offer players a risk-free introduction to the exciting world of cryptocurrency gambling. These bonuses serve as a powerful incentive, allowing players to experience the thrill of betting and potentially winning big, all without the need to initially part with their own money. Casinos that offer these bonuses are often seen as more attractive, as they demonstrate confidence in the value of their service, encouraging players to dive into the gaming experience with enthusiasm and trust.

Mobile & App

The Youhodler app provides us with entry into the whole suite of features. The software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Youhodler Mobile App

The safety measures are top-notch and complex. We are required to enter a verification code that was emailed to us at the time of access. Next, we’re asked to set up a personal identification number (PIN) that will be required each time we log in. The use of a phone number verification service or a mobile app for authentication can further strengthen the security of the system. At long last, a fingerprint authentication is an option for compatible devices.

There’s also a live chat option for reaching their customer care.

Is Youhodler available in the USA?

No, YouHodler is not available in the United States. YouHodler is a European based digital asset platform, and is not currently available for USbased customers. The platform is constantly expanding and adding new services to its offering. Currently, the platform is not available to US customers due to regulatory issues. This means that US customers cannot use YouHodler’s services. However, the platform is actively working on launching its services in the US, and it is expected that US customers will be able to use YouHodler’s services soon.

Pros And Cons

As far as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors are concerned, Youhodler appears to have thought of just about everything.

Whether you’re a HODLer or a risk-taker, the organization has the tools you need. It’s a great resource for both novice and seasoned traders, providing a level playing field.

Some examples are

  •       Alternative investing strategies
  •       The savings account might earn you up to 12% a year in interest.
  •       Possible to borrow in stablecoins, Bitcoin, or fiat currency
  •       The lowest possible loan amount is $100.
  •       The LTV ratio can go as high as 90%.
  •       Specifics like TurboCharge and Multi HODL set this apart.
  •       Support is available via email and live chat around the clock.

However, you should also think about the following:

  •       Youhodler is not a traditional bank.
  •       There are a few lending options with slightly higher interest rates.
  •       Those in the United States are unable to access it.

Сustomer Support

Email them at support@yuouhodler.com if you ever need to chat with them. If you’re using ad-blocking software or any plugin that can change the page’s content, it is in your best interest to deactivate them. Also, there may be impostors so be wary. Youhodler will only get in touch with you through their website’s chat feature or via email.

Is Youhodler safe?

Youhodler is a website that places a premium on user privacy and protection. Learn with me why I feel safe entrusting my cryptocurrency savings to this service’s loan or deposit procedures.


Youhodler serves a sizable user base in the cryptocurrency industry; maintaining the highest standards of security is essential to the company’s future success. Honesty is essential, as is treating the customer with dignity. But in reality, a fake service would have a hard time being established in a market as large and dynamic as the one we have today.

      Modern, cutting-edge security

Youhodler employs cutting-edge security measures to stop criminals from stealing our digital currency. To prevent losing access to our money, you split it between cold storage and a “hot” wallet on occasion.

      3FA protection

With its three-factor authentication method, you may swiftly halt any and all monetary transactions. Those with balances over $10,000 USD on the Youhodler platform can even disable withdrawals without sacrificing access to the rest of the site’s capabilities. By then, it will be necessary to take an extra step to ensure the safety of your funds by requiring a second form of identification for any withdrawals or deposits.

      Legal Obligations

Aside from the technological assurances, there are also legal requirements. Because of EU legislation, Youhodler must record every transaction and provide ironclad guarantees for the recovery and safekeeping of user funds.

      Conflict Mediation by the Blockchain Alliance

In the event of a disagreement, we can seek arbitration through the Blockchain Association. To be a good member, Youhodler has to follow the guidelines set forth by the organization. If you have a problem with your cryptocurrency and file a complaint with the Blockchain Association, you will get an answer fast and can get your coins back. Youhodler has not yet received a complaint via this channel.

      Join forces with leading businesses in the security industry

In conclusion, we talk about our joint efforts with CipherTrace and Elliptic. The goal of these services is to protect their users from becoming victims of fraud, scams, and other dishonest practices by giving them full control over their financial dealings.


Cryptocurrency loans are seen as a strategic instrument for investors to use in order to hedge and leverage their holdings.

Due to this, cryptocurrency lending platforms are no longer a niche offering. Youhodler is a reliable service that offers many perks to cryptocurrency investors of various stripes.

However, the provider may be more appealing to people who hold substantial quantities of “inactive” cryptocurrencies in a cold wallet, not least because of the interest they may accrue.

Due to its high interest rates, it may not be the greatest option for borrowers seeking long-term loans. As an alternative, Youhodler could be the answer to your short-term cash flow problems.


Is Youhodler available in the US?

It is not available in the United States. If you are in other states apart from the US, you can secure short-term loans against cryptocurrency and use the proceeds for sophisticated trading.

How safe is Youhodler?

When you talk about crypto platforms, Youhodler is leading. Client monies are kept offline in Youhodler's secure cold storage facility. For the security of its customers’ borrowed funds, Youhodler has worked with several well-known Swiss and European banks. As an added bonus, it adheres to EU regulations and legally binds the contract.

Is Youhodler regulated?

Youhodler is regulated in most countries of operation. In 2022, this year, they got registered and approved in Organismo Agentie Mediatori (OAM) in Italy. A testament to their seriousness.

Where is Youhodler based?

Youhodler, headquartered in Switzerland, is a financial technology platform with a primary emphasis on cryptocurrency-backed lending solutions.

Is Youhodler insured?

Youhodler and Ledger Vault have joined up to develop a joint, tailor-made crime insurance policy for their users. Your cryptocurrency holdings are protected to the tune of $150,000,000 by the crime insurance scheme. Arch UK Lloyds of London syndicate guarantees the sum.