Youhodler exchange allows the trading of over 50 popular digital currencies alongside offering a wide range of tools to boost users’ earning potential. Check out this review to learn more about this popular crypto platform. Let’s go!

Youhodler Exchange

Youhodler is one of the most popular exchange platforms available that cater to the needs of crypto users. Asides from offering crypto trading, the platform offers other services such as crypto-backed loans and Youhodler wallet. This Youhodler exchange review takes you through the features of the exchange, the pros and cons, and whether it is the right option for you in 2023.

What is Youhodler Exchange?

Youhodler exchange is a crypto and BTC exchange that allows users to access various crypto services, from trading and obtaining crypto-backed loans to storing crypto and maximizing the various methods to earn interest on investments. Founded in 2018 by Ilya Volkov, the Swiss-based platform aims to unlock the full benefits of digital currency to users by empowering people with the tools required to make crypto work for them passively and trade expertly.

Following its launch in 2018, the platform quickly became a member of the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association – an association that maintains business practices and aims to push for self-regulation. As a member, the crypto platform is committed to upholding the best practices and complying with state laws to ensure a safe and friendly crypto environment for users. For users asking, ‘is Youhodler safe?”, know that it is.

Youhodler is licensed in Italy and Switzerland, with offices in Cyprus and several other European countries. As of this writing, the platform isn’t available in the US. Youhodler signup bonus is also not available. 

How to Exchange Currency with Youhodler

To exchange crypto for fiat and vice versa, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Wallets
  2. Tap on Exchange
  3. A conversion form will appear on the screen. Choose the amount you want to exchange and click Convert.
  4. The conversion will be pending. After it’s completed, the amount will be in your wallet. Note that conversion attracts a fee.

Supported Coins

Exchange Youhodler

Youhodler supports over 50 popular digital currencies and stablecoins. Amongst them include; Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Circle, Binance USD, Solana, Dogecoin, MANA, SAND, etc. These cryptos are protected by a sophisticated hot/cold wallet system that adds Ledger Vault.

Depositing crypto and stablecoins attract zero fees, withdrawal fees differ for each coin. The good news is the fees are below the industry’s average. As for the minimum crypto deposit, it is $5 in crypto equivalent. The minimum crypto withdrawal is $5 for some coins and $50 for others.

Check out our Youhodler vs Nexo comparison to see how the platform fares in trading fees.  

Fiat Currency

Youhodler allows deposits and withdrawals in USD, GBP, EUR, and CHF. The deposit fees vary according to the method of payment. For example, there’s a $25 fee for USD deposits from SWIFT, 20 GBP for GBP deposits, and zero fees for bank wire deposits. Credit card deposits attract a 4.5% fee.

The least amount you can deposit by bank wire is 100 in USD, GBP, EUR, and CHF. Minimum withdrawal is 500 USD, 500 GBP, 500 EUR, and 100 CHF via SWIFT. Withdrawals are 1.5% for USD SWIFT, 0.15% for GBP, and 0.15% for withdrawals in CHF. EUR withdrawals attract a fee of 55 EUR via SWIFT.

Why Choose Youhodler Exchange?

Using Youhodler has many advantages, and below are some of them.

  1. Access to crypto-backed loans
  2. Higher interest on your crypto savings account
  3. Tools are provided to maximize your earnings
  4. Youhodler is regulated and licensed
  5. Multiple deposits and withdrawal methods
  6. Conversion of crypto to fiat and vice versa
  7. Unlimited support
  8. Secure

Benefits & Features

As mentioned, Youhodler is more than just a trading platform. It allows users to make the most of their crypto investments. Let’s look at all the features of the platform below.


Youhodler facilitates the trading of over 50 popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins alongside fiats. Trading on the platform is straightforward and you can buy crypto easily by clicking on “Buy crypto.” Converting crypto to fiat and vice versa is also straightforward. All you need to do is select the converted symbol beside the currency to swap.

Youhodler also allows you to monitor price charts and customize the interface to your preference. Unfortunately, you can’t stop losses, form limit orders, or take profits during the conversion of one currency to the other.

Educational Blog

Youhodler aims to make trading as basic as possible. For that reason, it launched the Help section, where users can get themselves acquainted with topics on trading and various other subjects. There are tons of useful articles on the blog that can help you navigate the platform and make use of the various features available.

Earn Interest

This is probably one of the best features of Youhodler. Users can earn up to 10% interest on their savings account when they BTC, ETH, or any of the supported cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The coin that attracts the highest APR is DOT, with 10%, while stablecoins attract 8% interest. ETH and BTC attract interest rates of 3% and 4%. Check out our review on Youhodler vs BlockFi to compare the interest rates of both lending platforms.

Still on Youhodler, durations have no limits, and interests are compounded. It means you can earn even more.

Multi HODL

Youhodler Multi HODL is another unique feature. It allows you to profit from the market in both ways. You can make money regardless of the market swing. Choose your coin and adjust the take profit and risk levels. There are no fees for placing orders, and there’s online support available to guide you through. You could use Youhodler Turbocharge to increase the profit margin during the risk level setup.

Crypto Loans

You can access Youhodler loans using any supported digital currency as collateral. You can receive the loan in fiat, stablecoins, and crypto and withdraw it directly to your traditional bank or credit card. Youhodler’s loan–to–value ratio is 90%, one of the highest in the crypto space. You can use the funds in your savings as collateral. You can recover your collateral once you are done paying the loan.

To know the interest on loans and how much to pay back, use the Youhodler interest calculator.

Dual Asset

Youhodler Dual Asset allows you to earn higher interests through staking. Compared to DeFi protocols, you don’t need to stake two coins or become a liquidity provider. Simply select a coin and a staking plan. In the end, you get your capital and interest.

Conclusion: Is Youhodler Exchange Worth it?

This guide has shown that the Youhodler exchange is a capable crypto platform for investors looking to enlarge their crypto portfolios. Whether experienced or not, the platform offers the right product to suit your experience level. Its loan-to-value ratio makes it one of the best platforms to offer crypto-backed loans.

Exchange with the lowest fees

In terms of usability, you can’t fault the platform. The user interface is simple, and investors won’t have issues using the features. Is Youhodler exchange worth it? Definitely!


Is Youhodler licensed?

Youhodler exchange is licensed in Italy and Switzerland, possessing two licenses – a crypto exchange and a crypto pawnshop. However, the platform operates in several European countries and a few selected ones outside Europe, such as Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Is Youhodler regulated in Italy?

Youhodler received regulatory approval to operate as a crypto service provider in Italy from Organismo Agenti e Mediatori in mid-2023. In compliance with local laws, the exchange will offer its vast crypto services to Italians.

Is Youhodler a DeFi platform?

Youhodler is a DeFi lending platform that offers unique crypto services and products. The platform offers higher returns on capital than most DeFi platforms, making it one of the best crypto loan platforms available.

How do I withdraw money from Youhodler?

Withdrawing money from Youhodler is pretty straightforward. Go to Wallet and select the crypto you want to send. Tap the Withdraw button and wait for the Withdrawal form to display. Fill in the address alongside the amount of crypto you want to send. Tap Get SMS code to receive a code. Enter it for confirmation and select Withdraw.