Youhdler is an innovative way to organize your crypto coins into one place. This system allows you to make faster transactions and earn better interest after creating your Youhodler account. Also, you can access the best Youhodler interest rates, earn interest on the platform in a simple, and access all these safely in one spot!

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About Youhodler

Youholder is a multi-coin wallet that is distinctively made to make managing your coin and token easier than you can ever imagine. It’s a centralized platform for all cryptocurrency-related services.

Youholder has an increasing list of cryptocurrency options for crypto savings accounts. It has a low-risk and high-yield savings account that helps users earn crypto interest of up to 8.32% – 12%, by saving crypto in your crypto savings account. If you prefer USDT savings, Youhodler allows you to save in USDT with their unique wallet system!

With this advanced Crypto Wallet Youhodler, you can HODL, earn, do some Youhodler staking, and multiply all in one place. It also has an integrated crypto interest account in these multi-coin wallets.

YouHodler pays interest on BTC, PAXG, USDC, TUSD, USDT, HUSD, PAX, BNB, HT, XRP, XLM, and ETH deposits. 

Youhodler helps you grow your crypto portfolio and get passive income.

Latest Youhodler Earn Rates

Youhodlers have one of the best rates you can find on any platform. With about 54 digital assets supported at the moment. 

Saving earn_earn

One of the best features of using Youholder is the Youhodler APY. The supported assets are comprehensive and comparatively straightforward.

You can earn as much as 12% APY on stablecoins. Youhodler’s earning rate can yield as much as 4.8%, 5.5%, and 7% on BTC, ETH, and UNI respectively. 

Youhodler compound interest makes it possible to even earn more than the APY. Weekly earnings are compounded on the previous week’s earnings plus the initial capital.

Note: The earning rates are subject to change, you can check the official website for updated rates, Incase there is a change.

How To Create Youhodler Savings Account


The new digital economy has taken the financial world by storm, especially when it comes to savings accounts. Youhodler has the best savings interest rates you can come across. 

The quickest way to start earning passive income on Youhodler is through the platform savings accounts.

The platform has various stablecoin and cryptocurrencies to choose from and the Youhodler exchange rate ranges from 4% to 12% and features compound interest.

To start, you need to sign up on Youhodler and unlock the value of your assets.

  • On the sign-up page, input your country of residence
  • Provide a valid and accessible email
  • Provide a password of 8+ characters (your password must contain at least 8 letters and 1 digit)
  • Click the signup button
  • Verify your ID, and proceed to deposit the crypto of your choice into the appropriate crypto wallet.

How To Use Youhodler Interest Accounts

Simply deposit crypto into your Youhodler interest account. The Youhodler interest account is easy to use. You only need to deposit your crypto or FIAT and exchange it to earn interest on your coins. YouHodler pays interest on BTC, PAXG, USDC, TUSD, USDT, HUSD, PAX, BNB, HT, XRP, XLM, and ETH deposits. And if you don’t have any of the cryptos, you can convert them to cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Earn interest on crypto

Saving earn_earn

After the crypto has been deposited into your crypto savings account, the first weekly payment cycle begins.

Keep a tab on the daily crypto interest earning by checking the “Earned” tab. At the end of the weekly cycle, your interest earned will be deposited into your account.

Note: If any fund is released from your account before the end of the weekly cycle, you will not receive your earned interest for it is an uncompleted week.

If any crypto is deposited within the weekly cycle, the interest from the crypto deposited will be applied to the next week’s cycle.

You can keep your interest in your account to generate more profit.

Keep your interest and boost your crypto earnings.

Look for the right balance and play with your free crypto from your savings account by taking a limited risk against an asymmetrical steep of potential profit.

Youhodler Interest Calculator

You can calculate your rates and start earning interest on your crypto and stablecoins today with the Youhodler interest calculator. It’s easy to use even if you are new to crypto.

Crypto is a big industry, with more amateurs entering the crypto market than ever before. The Youhodler calculator helps to determine the conversion rate and profit potential from savings accounts.

Youhodler offers transparency, and to deliver transparency, the Youhodler calculator can help you calculate your interest in a month, 3months, and yearly time frames.

What Are The Benefits Of Youhodler Interest Account

With Youhodler, earn interest with the crypto deposit better! This is because your crypto deposit is backed up by collateral. As long as you are eligible, you will get one of the highest risk-adjusted returns from your crypto holdings and also get fast turbo loans.

Many questions such as “Is Youhodler legit?pop up a lot in conversations. As a foremost crypto platform, Youuhodler complies with all available laws and regulations, ensuring payments and securing transactions.

The crypto interest account is available for use for everyone, excluding the residents of the US. 

Youhodler Multi Hodl also allows you to boost savings while retaining your daily interest.


Is Youhodler legit?

Youhodler is a legitimate platform, and it offers different features for crypto holders to earn either actively or passively. Your funds are safe because Youhodler put in place strong security.

What are Youhodler Earn Rates?

The Youhodler rates vary from 4% to 12% and you can earn more than that in a year with the compound interest option.

How long does it take to exchange crypto and fiat funds?

Stablecoins to Stablecoins - instant Crypto to Fiat - instant Fiat to Stablecoins - instant Crypto to Crypto - 5-30 min Crypto to Stablecoins - 5-30 min