This guide discusses MultiHodl in light of crypto lending transactions. The MultiHodl technique allows users to leverage the margin trading technology to increase their gains, even as beginners on Youhodler.

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YouHodler MultiHodl Explanation

Firstly, what is Youhodler? Youhodler is an advanced wallet where you can HODL and earn interests. It is a leading crypto lending platform.

multi hodl

Youhodler is a European & Swiss-based company, providing crypto savings accounts to crypto users, with crypto-backed instant loans since 2019.

Multi Hodl is a feature of the Youhodler wallet that allows you to strengthen your crypto deposit and make a stake in the movement of price to a devoted cryptocurrency pair.

In the crypto industry, there is something about the “Multi Hodl” technique because it keeps people coming back. And, this has made margin trading enjoy bloating popularity in the few years.

Margin trading might seem out of the blue for a beginner, but in reality, margin trading is very simple. Youhodler promo codes are also available to introduce new users to earn interest rates so they can get used to the workings of the platform.

There are different versions of margin trading for each platform, but the same concept. The trader borrows more capital and then uses that to either buy or sell the market (longing or shorting the market), using cryptocurrency as collateral.

Other crypto exchanges offer these tools, but the Youhodler exchange stands out, and that’s why you should choose Youhodler MultiHold.

How Does Multi Hodl Work?

Youhodler Multi Hodl is a tool that automates the trading margin process. 

  • Choose which fund you want to multiply

To start your Multi Hodl trade, you need to navigate to the dedicated tab of the Multi Hodl feature in your menu and choose the crypto pair you want to fund for your trading.

There are various cryptocurrencies you can choose from, from ETH, BTC, ADA, XRP, DASH, LINK, LTC, and many more.

  • Choose a direction

Here, you choose the direction you think the price is going to go (up or down) after you have chosen your cryptocurrency pair.

To show the short-term price movement of crypto you are about to trade, you can make use of the candlestick to study a more relevant chart.

  • Define the terms

Choose the source of your deposit. You might not use the same crypto that you are trading but you have to use your deposited asset as collateral for your trade.

Choose a small amount that you are willing to trade and adjust the multiplier. Never deposit all your crypto assets as it is highly risky.

You can multiply your committed funds. Note that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk.

  • Adjust Take Profit and Margin Call

Examine the chart and mitigate the risk by keeping the take profit amount close to the current price.

Keep your position short with the Multi Hodl, to mitigate some of the risks.

  • Read & Accept the T&C

Agree to the Terms and Conditions before you start the trade. To give your consent, click on the start button and watch your Multi Hodl react.

You have to be aware that it is a high-risk trading strategy.

Lock Trading Strategy

The Lock Trading strategy is a feature of the Multi Hodl tool. It can be used to open multiple positions simultaneously. This allows you to open a position in the opposing direction if you see that the price is moving away from your take profit value.

multi hodl Youhodler

When a trader opens a position of the same size in the opposite direction, instead of quitting as most traders will do, that’s a Lock Trading Strategy. The lock is a type of hedging strategy aimed at minimizing risk related to changes in market behavior.

The goal of the Lock Trading Strategy is to reduce losses. However, you need to know that due to the volatility of the crypto market, it is almost impossible to predict price development. Also, opening multiple positions might increase your risk as more funds are being committed to the trade, plus you are being charged by Youhodler for hourly rollover.

Multi Hodl VS Savings Account

The multi Hodl is an innovative tool that maximizes returns potential. With the Multi Hodl, you can keep your crypto deposit and crypto savings account, and you can invest a percentage of your speculative stake that has high-profit potential.

The Multi Hodl feature is readily available for all cryptocurrencies and stablecoins on the Youhodler platform. You have a regulated percentage of your deposit to be invested, a profitable level, and a trigger level before you can put your crypto in Multi Hodl.

All positions are closed automatically after 10 days or in a case where the price falls below the loss level. Although, you can close the position at your wish and get the crypto back. 

The risk has vast topside potential, although the risk is limited, which in turn provides a boost to your savings. With this, you cannot lose more than what you regulate.

You can as well raise funds using borrowed money which is a feature of the turbocharge; a proprietary feature of Youhodler.

You can turn your cold asset to hot profit and earn as much as 8% APY and compound interest by depositing crypto in your Youhodler Saving accounts. Your interest earnings are deposited into your account weekly. Your interest earnings can be in BTC, PAXG, and other stablecoins.

Advantages Of Multi Hodl

Trade Crypto with ease

The multi Hodl tool is a very good revenue stream for Youholder and it has a high level of transparency. 

The Multi Hodl is an advantage to Youhodler users who only deposit their cryptos to yield more earnings for them.

Based on the crypto lending regulations, clients are allowed to take loans with the Multi Hodl tools to either buy or sell more crypto, which helps them long or short the market and multiply their crypto depending on the result of the trade.

The Youhodler Multi Hodl tool, unlike other margin trading platforms. With the tool, you can open multiple positions simultaneously (Lock Trading). This is a great way to mitigate loss, and predict the market movement, hence acting with a sheltering mechanism, in case things don’t go as predicted.


If you want to start earning passively, instead of just passively Hodling and allowing the market to determine for you, then it’s time you transition from being a passive hodler to an active hodler. And you can become an active hodler with Youhodler Multi Hodl.

Using the trading margin, you will be able to get new purchasing power. Youhodler makes it easier for beginners who are new to margin trading.

Multi trades have had a stay in the crypto market, although there are a lot of risks involved with the Multi Hodl. It should not be compared to long-term investment strategies because the risk is due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.


What is a Youhodler wallet?

The Youhodler wallet allows you to store your digital asset in one of the leading Bitcoin and crypto wallets in the market. It has features such as an Interest account, savings accounts, and the MultiHodl integration that can make you earn even as a passive hodler. This feature is the Youhodler dual asset system.

What are Youhodler deposit and Withdrawal rates on fiat currency?

The deposit fees in YouHodler look as follows.

SWIFT bank wire: $25 or €25

Credit card: 4.5%

AdvCash account: 1%

When it comes to withdrawing funds, the following fees are charged:

SWIFT Bank wire USD: 1.5% or $70 (whichever is higher)

SWIFT bank wire EUR: €55

SEPA bank wire EUR: €50

GBP bank wire: £55

Credit card: 3.5% (when available)

Crypto: Varies by crypto

Is Youhodler safe?

Youholder implements all the essential security features needed to provide everyone with a safe and secure experience.

There is a high level of security features such as SSL encryption and IP allow listing.

Youholder security is in line with all other popular cryptocurrency platforms. The two-factor authentication allows you to enhance the security of your account.

Is Youholder regulated?

Youhodler complies with strict EU laws. Every transaction is legally bound and falls under the jurisdiction of EU laws.

Youhodler is an official member of the Blockchain Association, an independent and self-regulatory financial commission that recommends a high standard of safety and ethics.