Youhodler is planning to roll out a referral code soon to reward new users who deposit at least $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency for 7 days. Promotional details for Youhodler are still in the plan. The promotional body of the platform said in the campaign that the features would be released in the coming months. You’ll get an update here as soon as a special referral code is released.

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What is Youhodler?

If you want to assess the safety and potential reward of putting your cryptocurrency into a lending platform in exchange for interest, check out this platform. You will find answers to your Is Youhodler safe question.

Although work on the platform began in 2017, it didn’t go live until November 2018. Youhodler has since gained a user base of over 202,000. According to Youhodler, the average cryptocurrency holding amount is $7,004. Youhodler reports that 19.87% of their users possess BTC in their private keys. Most consumers earn a yearly interest rate of 8.05%. It also has a Multi Hodl trading option for advanced users that gives earn interest dual assets.

The cryptocurrency wallet that earns interest is Youhodler’s most well-known offering. High returns are available on the platform, and funds are deposited every Friday. In addition, unlike many other crypto-lending sites, Youhodler will never claim ownership of your coins. Because of the platform’s honesty with us, we have more faith in Youhodler’s business methods. In 2022, Youhodler is the finest platform for those who wish to generate income from their cryptocurrency holdings.

In summary:

  •       Earn 12% APY on Stablecoins
  •       Earn 4.8% APY on BTC
  •       Legit crypto lending platform
  •       Located in Switzerland

How to Get the Youhodler Sign Up Bonus

If you sign up for Youhodler through our referral link or enter our Youhodler Referral Code, you will immediately be eligible to get your first bonus. A $50 bonus will be added to your Youhodler account 7 days after you sign up.

Youhodler Promo Code Claim bonus
Bonus for new investors: $50 in crypto value
Bonus payment: 7 days after $1,000 or more deposit
Code for New Users TBA
Bonus Payout Term 7 days
Youhodler Referral Code: N/A

Youhodler Referral Program

The cryptocurrency loan site Youhodler is among the most trustworthy in the industry. Profitable returns can be made on more than 30 different coins through the site. If you’re looking for a way to profit from your cryptocurrency holdings without doing anything, Youhodler is the place to go. Those new to cryptocurrency holding and using our Youhodler promotion code to deposit at least $1,000 worth of crypto for seven days will receive a $50 bonus in their choice of cryptocurrency.

Youhodler Affiliate Program

You can even use the Youhodler loan calculator to calculate and have an idea of your Youhodler earn rates.

How to redeem the Youhodler referral code

  •     Sign up for Youhodler using the platform’s special discount code we’ve provided you.
  •     Perform the necessary Know Your Customer checks (identity verification).
  •     Fund your Youhodler account with at least $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency.
  •   Youhodler is offering a $50 sign-up bonus in the cryptocurrency of your choice after a week of holding.

Youhodler Referral Bonus Rates

After your referrals have clicked on the referral link or entered the Youhodler Referral Code, you will be eligible to get your welcome bonus. After 7 days of signing up, $50 will be added as a Youhodler bonus. You can even check out Turbocharge Youhodler for more earning options.

How Does Youhodler Referral Code Work?

The process of using a Youhodler referral code might go one of two ways. You may either click the provided link or manually enter the code (which is unavailable yet).

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Register using a friend’s referral link

Using this link, entering the bonus code, and completing the registration process will earn you a payback benefit from Youhodler. New users may not be eligible for the bonus until the Youhodler referral campaign has officially commenced. We recommend holding off until a more reliable release is made available.

Enter the Youhodler coupon code provided to you by your friend.

To receive your $50 Youhodler referral award, please enter the promo code for Youhodler. When the Youhodler referral campaign begins, you will receive your incentive 7 days after signing up.

At the moment, Youhodler is the most reliable marketplace for crypto loans. Youhodler’s risk team is diligently guarding your capital. In the company’s history, not a single investor has suffered a loss.


What else do I need to know?

Though bonuses might be a terrific method to boost earnings, it's important to remember that crypto lending and trading are both high-risk endeavors and that many investors have lost money on other crypto platforms. Before your cryptocurrency investments accrue interest, you should always do your research and due diligence.

How do I get my bonus?

You can get your Youhodler discount by signing up using your personal link or by entering the code that we provide here when prompted to do so. As soon as the campaign becomes active, you can start earning the Youhodler cashback incentive in either direction.

Is there a limit to how often one may use a Youhodler discount code?

To use the Youhodler discount, you must be a first-time customer. You cannot create a new account using a different alias and use the same code.

When can I expect to get my bonus?

The bonus will be credited to your investor account within 7 days of depositing $1,000 or more.

How important is it to enter a Youhodler discount code?

To receive the $50 bonus, you must include our referral code when creating your Youhodler account.

Why didn't I get the bonus?

Be certain that you have done all necessary to qualify first. You can expect to see the bonus deposited into your Youhodler Wallet. Get in touch with Youhodler's help desk if you have any questions or concerns in the highly improbable case that you have not yet received your bonus.