Youhodler vs BlockFi is one major discussion among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This review explicitly discusses which is better. Read on to understand the similarities and differences in their comparison.

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges, two of which have been making waves in the crypto-verse. These two are no other than the greatest cryptocurrency exchanges; YouHodler and BlockFi. They allow you to carry out some crypto-related transactions, such as purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies and earning interest on your cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETC, LTC, BNB, etc., on your holdings.

These cryptocurrency platforms are similar in many ways yet so different. Users can purchase cryptocurrencies through YouHodler  This FinTech company has its headquarters in Switzerland. It provides a wide range of goods and services via web and mobile versions, including crypto loans and high-interest savings accounts.

On the other side, BlockFi is a US-based cryptocurrency platform that provides low-interest loans backed by cryptocurrencies and competitive interest rates on cryptocurrency deposits.

You can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on both sites with a single click. Now it’s time for us to pitch both platforms against each other.

The big question! Which platform is better? Both platforms have so much to offer, and it’s left to you to decide which is better. The best part of this review is that you can explore its flaws and strengths in-depth.

You’ll see that the features and offerings on each of these two systems are different. After reading this review, you’ll come to the conclusion that Youhodler is the best for you. You won’t be disappointed by this cryptocurrency platform as it is top-notch. You can also check out Youhodler vs Nexo review in which it YouHodler still triumphs. 

What is Youhodler?

This crypto exchange platform was founded in 2018, with its headquarters in Switzerland. Also, users can trade cryptocurrencies at very competitive rates and buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform easily.

Since its launch, YouHodler has steadily gained a large and dedicated user base across Europe, earning it a reputation as one of the most reliable platforms in the region. It provides a wide range of options, including high-yield savings accounts and securely organized cryptocurrency loans, among other things.

What is BlockFi?

A year before the launch of YouHodler, BlockFi was launched in the United States in 2017. This cryptocurrency lending platform provides low-interest loans secured by cryptocurrencies and competitive returns on cryptocurrency deposits. To add to its use, the software can be used to keep track of and manage your cryptocurrency holdings.


From its humble beginnings as a credit service for digital asset holders, this company has grown to become a fully functioning, standalone worldwide lender. SoFi, Galaxy Digital, Valar Ventures, Akuna Capital, and Coinbase Ventures are among the companies that have invested in the company and other large financial institutions.

In other words, interest in customer accounts and lending systems is how BlockFi makes money. They have a cut of the spread between the interest paid to the lender and the interest earned on loans. There are more than a million customers and more than $10 billion in assets.

In addition, it provides wealthy consumers with exclusive perks. As of February 14thth, 2022, The BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) no longer accepts new US citizens or permanent residents. Customers in the United States who already have BIAs cannot move their special assets to their new accounts.

Key Features

Are you wondering what key features to expect from these platforms? We have clearly explained these features below.

BlockFi offers a cryptocurrency exchange in addition to interest-bearing accounts and crypto loans, but no instruments for lending or multiplying fiat or cryptocurrency.

What sets this site apart is its rewards credit card system. BlockFi was the first service to offer Bitcoin rewards on a credit card. This method allows customers to earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases. These bonuses can generate interest when deposited back into your BlockFi account, making the service a great way to optimize savings.

BlockFi’s automatic trading engine technology is another amazing feature that helps busy traders by automatically placing orders to purchase or sell.

multi hodl

Now, let’s take a look at YouHodler. On the other hand, it does not have nearly as much name recognition as BlockFi, as BlockFi has been in the crypto-verse longer. Despite this, it has managed to attract a sizable fan base, which is growing steadily because of the immense satisfaction they enjoy.

This platform benefits every level of trader, from beginners to experts, leaving no one behind. Its users have ranked YouHodler’s Multi HODL and 12%+ savings accounts as the app’s two best features, and it’s not surprising.

The best part is that these prices, in particular, are available to any YouHodler user who hasn’t sprung for the service’s more expensive “premium” tier. Multi HODL allows users to increase their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency holdings by two to fifty times, depending on the level of risk taken in the deal. The straightforward layout of this multiplier makes it fun for everyone to make money in the background.


BlockFi pioneered the development of a Bitcoin rewards credit card among lending platforms. You can get 1.5% Bitcoin cash back on purchases using this particular Visa card. To increase the interest you receive from your BlockFi account, the rewards will be credited there.

blockfi rates

The interest rate offered by BlockFi ranges from 4.5% to 9.75%. Stablecoins like USDC and USDT have an interest rate of 9.25%, whereas cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have an interest rate of 4.50%. Interest is distributed to customers weekly, and there is a seven-day lock-in period in BlockFi.

One of YouHodler’s selling points is high-yield savings accounts, which users can open on the platform. The site enables you to earn up to 11.28% interest yearly on stablecoins.

Payments with compound interest are made weekly to all YouHodler wallet holders automatically. Interest on your wallet balance is highest for stablecoins and somewhat lower for other cryptocurrencies. The annual percentage rate (APR) for Bitcoin is 4.7%. 


youhodler rates

Supported Currencies

BlockFi does not support as many cryptocurrencies as YouHodler. BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DAI, LINK, and BCH are just some of the 15 cryptocurrencies it supports. Additionally, it accepts USDT, USDC, and GUSD, the native currency of its custodian, Gemini. Native tokens cannot be staked on BlockFi.

In comparison, Youhodler accepts collateral in more than 50 different cryptocurrencies and tokens. These include stablecoins like USDT and USDC and widely used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Every month, we update our currency options to include even more options. Major fiat currencies such as the US dollar, the euro, the Swiss franc, and the British pound are supported.

Fees & Limits

Loan origination fees, often known as borrowing fees, are typically assessed by cryptocurrency platforms. Some services may choose to hide this information, though. Providers may also impose a withdrawal fee in addition to the loan origination fee; however, this will vary by provider, withdrawal method, and withdrawn asset.

BlockFi will impose an origination fee of 2% regardless of the loan-to-value or interest rate. There is a withdrawal fee associated with each cryptocurrency. In the case of Bitcoin, the cost for withdrawal is 0.00075 BTC.

Compared to BlockFi, YouHodler has a unique pricing system. YouHodler’s finance fees for loans include a 1% fee for both  Close Now and Reopen (plus interest) Fee and 1.5% for both Extended PDL and Increase LTV.

The withdrawal charge is method-specific. The close-now cost on YouHodler for Turbocharge is 1%. Bank wire transactions include a 5% processing fee. Also, each digital currency has its own transaction cost.

There will also be a blockchain charge that varies with the volume of transactions the network processes.

Privacy & Security

To ensure the platform’s security, it enforces Know-Your-Customer (KYC) rules and implements standard security procedures. Although BlockFi has been the target of many cyber attacks, multi-factor authentication has kept customer cash safe each time. BlockFi has added features like IP whitelisting, cold wallet storage, and SSL encryption to tighten the platform’s security further.

Third-party reserves are held at Coinbase, BitGo, and Gemini, making it extremely difficult for hackers to access customer assets. Also, the company has invested in stocks governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and futures governed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Mobile And App

Both Youhodler and BlockFi have mobile and App versions of their websites. This is to enable users to have unlimited access to their cryptocurrency tools on the go. They are both available on the play store and they are for free.


In the same way that bank deposits in the United States are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), cryptocurrency deposits on Youhodler wallet are not covered by any such government guarantee. In contrast, YouHodler has formed partnerships with non-government insurance agencies to make its services covered by insurance.

Ledger Vault provides $150,000,000 in crime-pooled insurance to cover losses like staff theft, market manipulation, etc., on the platform.

There is no FDIC insurance for BlockFi accounts. As a counterargument, the platform entrusts the safekeeping of its users’ capital to Gemini, a highly regarded custodian. The valuables held in Gemini are protected against theft because the company has insurance. Therefore, you can invest with BlockFi without concern for the possible loss of your capital. It can also hold Dual assets.

Bonuses And Promos

The two platforms, YouHodler and BlockFi, give their users bonuses and promotions from time to time. They use these mediums to encourage and also appreciate their users. Youhodler is known for its bonus for first-time users and its referral bonus. This is another means to earn apart from trading or staking cryptocurrencies.

Youhodler Pros & Cons

If you want to do more with your cryptocurrency holdings than simply trade, YouHodler is a fantastic cryptocurrency lending platform to consider. But there are a few negatives to bear in mind. In this YouHodler review, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of YouHodler.


  •       Your cryptocurrency assets may accrue interest at up to 12.3% per annum.
  •       Borrow money secured by Bitcoin at low rates.
  •       A stringent policy on security that requires all users to undergo KYC
  •       Superb assistance to customers
  •       First-rate resources for the financial markets
  •       Prominently offered in practically every country worldwide.


  •       It’s intended solely for a foreign market, not available in the US.
  •       It requires a $100 minimum payment.
  •       Lacks openness.
  •       Loan rates are slightly higher than average.

BlockFi Pros & Cons

As a top-tier crypto savings and lending platform, BlockFi provides a wealth of options for both private individuals and financial institutions.


  •       Located in the USA and subject to SEC oversight.
  •       To increase safety, a mix of cold and hot wallets must be used, and mandatory KYC regulations must be implemented.
  •       Less expensive overall, with no recurring or commission charges.
  •       Fee reductions and manageable minimum deposits
  •       Intended for consumption in all countries, including the United States, except for several sanctioned nations
  •       Professional, high-quality assistance for organizations
  •       provides a $250 sign-up bonus


  •       The lack of joint or custodial account options is a drawback.
  •       Variable Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yield
  •       The ability to make withdrawals from interest accounts without penalty is restricted.

Conclusion: Why Youhodler is better

No matter your experience in cryptocurrency, as a trader or investor who is reluctant to use foreign platforms, you will find YouHodler appealing. Also, it is the best site for crypto holders and traders of all skill levels outside the United States.

YouHodler offers better savings, reduced lending fees, and interest rates, a wider variety of cryptocurrencies, and innovative multiplication tools like Multi HODL and Turbocharge. When you factor in the platform’s credibility, transparency, security, and additional features like the ability to trade cryptocurrencies between different exchanges and across borders, you have a complete product.

This is a story of two essentially identical platforms, one in Europe and one in Asia. Citizens in different countries have different options available to them. You can see it right this minute by checking out both locations if you’re curious.


Is Youhodler safe?

YouHodler is a 100% safe and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. It provides a secure platform for borrowers and lenders to transact in cryptocurrencies by employing best-in-class safety measures like know-your-customer (KYC) checks and pooled insurance.

Is BlockFi safe?

BlockFi is a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. BlockFi, which is governed by the US SEC, follows all applicable federal requirements to ensure the security of its users. To ensure the platform's security, it enforces Know Your Customer rules and implements standard security procedures.

Can I trust Youhodler?

Yes, you can. YouHodler is a reputable service that provides several useful options for bitcoin holders. Cryptocurrency owners who would instead earn interest on their holdings than leave them sitting in their finest crypto wallets may find this site to their liking.

Which one is Better?

Compared to BlockFi, YouHodler is the superior choice due to its comprehensive nature (global cryptocurrency exchange, availability of various cryptocurrencies, credibility, transparency, and security).