An unbiased overview of the comparison between Youhodler vs Celsius. In this review, you would learn how similar both Youhodler and Celsius are, which is better, and an expository to their differences. By the end of this review, you would have learned why Youhodler is better and its edge over Celsius.

If you just compare the product characteristics of Celsius and Youhodler, you will find many similarities. However, if you do further investigation, you’ll discover how very different the two platforms are. Think about the business models.

Celsius takes pleasure in its anti-bank stance. They want to provide a full alternative that is independent of the banking industry and regard traditional finance as a barrier to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. On the other side, Youhodler presents a more tasteful strategy.

Youhodler considers itself to be a link between the traditional and the crypto worlds. They contend that traditional finance has several advantages that can strengthen cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

To create a new evolutionary step in the financial evolution of the globe, they want to see the two businesses collaborate. Understanding the differing business models of the two platforms depends on knowing how they see the crypto sector.

Youhodler’s business model is integrated within the platform, in contrast to Celsius. Youhodler never uses the money from customers for transactions outside of the site. This would be dangerous and go against Youhodler’s cautious approach to fintech. Everything is stored inside the platform at Youhodler. They keep their balance and liquidity in this way. Additionally, Youhodler never secures a client’s money on the site. Customers are free to make deposits and withdrawals at any time.

Regulators in the US are investigating crypto lending sites like Celsius, which might make your deposits there riskier.

It is imperative you have it in mind that putting your cryptocurrency on any platform for crypto lending bears some levels of risk.

Although Youhodler is a much smaller platform, it is simpler to use and offers a more extensive rewards program. Additionally, Youhodler’s customer service is significantly more prompt, which may be useful if you experience any technical difficulties.

What is Youhodler?

Youhodler is a cryptocurrency banking platform that gives its users access to a range of services, such as crypto loans, interest-bearing accounts, and cryptocurrency exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and fiat money. On the Youhodler platform, more than 50 different digital currencies are supported.

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What is Celsius?

Celsius is a cryptocurrency banking platform that offers a wide range of services to its users. The website provides crypto exchange services, loans backed by cryptocurrency, and interest-bearing crypto accounts. Additionally, Celsius has its native coin, called CEL, which resembles the BTSE token made available via the BTSE crypto network.


Key Features


  • Crypto Loans

Supports 12 popular crypto coins as collateral for Crypto Loans.

Instant bank and credit card withdrawals

The loan-to-value ratio of up to 90%

Options for flexible loan terms and loan-to-value ratios

  • Turbocharge

You can borrow up to 6.5X the amount against your collateralized fund using the Turbocharge option. The platform’s Turbocharge feature creates a succession of borrowing activities where the money borrowed from the first loan is utilized to buy an additional cryptocurrency and obtain a second loan. Depending on your needs, the process is repeated three to ten times.

There is a Set Take Profit price in the event of a bull run, which is very common in the cryptocurrency world. You can use this price to pay the fees and withdraw the remaining crypt of

  • Crypto Lending

Earn interest on BTC, BNB, USDT, USDC, TUSD, and PAX deposits up to 12% annually.

Deposit interest is paid monthly

Youhodler’s $1 million security fund guards user funds.

  • Multi HODL

The function enables you to fast double your cryptocurrency holdings without taking a large risk. Youhodler employs The Barbell Strategy for this, which involves keeping 80% of the money in a risk-free savings account.

Additionally, the remaining 20% of your money is put into speculation and high-risk, high-reward investments. The technique has a limited downside of up to 50% and a maximum upside of 150%.

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According to Youhodlers, the Multi HODL feature has a 1000% profit potential.


For users and investors in cryptocurrencies, Celsius provides a wide range of functions. Besides the apparent loans and interest accounts, Celsius also offers CelPay, CEL token, and Pro services.

  • Cash loans
  • Celsius gives users the option to borrow money against seven different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, DASH, and EOS.
  • Loan-to-value ratios that are adjustable at 25%, 33%, and 50%.
  • Starting interest rate at 3.47% APR.
  • Maximum 3-year loan term
  • Option to pay interest using both fiat money and the CEL token (preferred).
  • No charges or penalties for early payment
  • Earn Crypto

12% APY is possible on more than 25 popular cryptocurrencies without requiring a minimum deposit. You can also earn interest on your favorite currency and earn more while taking interest payments in CEL token

  • CelPay

It is a tool for money transfers that enables free crypto sending and receiving. All of the major cryptocurrencies are supported by CelPay, which makes sending money extremely simple and rapid. You may transfer cryptocurrency across practically all wallets with CelPay.

  • Token CEL

The native token of the Celsius Network is the CEL coin. It’s available for purchase on FTX, Liquid, BitFinex, and Bittrex. You can also buy CEL directly by getting through the Celsius OTC desk if you wish to purchase more than $25,000 worth of it.

  • Celsius Pro

Celsius Pro is a solution specifically designed for businesses, families, and extremely wealthy people that want to deposit a lot of of cryptocurrencies. Pro members get access to favorable rates, are allowed to use the loan and trading desk, and can purchase and sell more than 40 digital assets.


In the US, Celsius provided earn rates that were extremely affordable. However, Celsius gave additional payouts for users who were staking the CEL token before the site froze withdrawals and filed for bankruptcy, making its reward system slightly different.

Residents of the United States cannot, however, purchase the CEL token. Before depositing your cryptocurrency, it is advised that you familiarize yourself with the interest rates at Celsius. To locate the finest cryptocurrency interest account, click here.

As there is no token staking required on Youhodler, everyone receives the same rate regardless of the amount placed, making it much simpler to comprehend what rate you will get.


Youhodler supports more than 50 different digital currencies. Some of the accepted cryptocurrencies on Youhodler are: USD Tether (USDT), , DAI, Binance USD (BUSD), HUSD, Bitcoin (BTC), EURS, Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Uniswap coin (UNI), Compound (COMP), MKR, SUSHI, (YFI), etc

Youhodler supports the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, and Swiss Franc as fiat currencies.

Celsius supports almost 50 different cryptocurrencies. The following are some of the list of supported coins on Celsius: synthetic (SNX), DOT, MATIC, BNT, CEL, 1INCH, XTZ, ADA, EOS, AAVE, Avalanche (AVAX), Solana SOL(), CRV, ETH, WBTC, PAX, USDC, USDT, BUSD, Zytra dollar (ZUSD), TrueGBP (TGBP), TrueAUD (TAUD), THKD, true Canadian dollar (TCAD), etc

Celsius accepts U.S. dollars and 18 other fiat currencies such as Euro and GBP through fiat on-ramp partners

Native Tokens

Celsius is a native token (CEL) to the Celsius network platform. This coin is a “rewards program with actual cash rewards with greater interest rates,” according to Celsius. On Tether (USDT), for instance, CEL token holders receive 11.21% APY whereas non-CEL token holders only receive 8.88%. Holders of CEL tokens also receive savings on borrowing fees.

On the other hand, Youhodler lacks a native token. Each customer has access to the interest rates displayed on the platform, such as Tether’s 12.3% APR plus compound interest (USDT). Youhodler never requires users to buy a token in order to access useful features.

Fees & Limits


Youhodler has a couple of fees attached

  • Fiat Deposits:

Bank wire fees per transfer – 0 (except USD SWIFT – 25 USD per deposit; GBP – 20 GBP per deposit).

Bank card fee – 4.5%

  • Fiat Withdrawal Fees

USD (SWIFT): 1.5% with a $70 minimum

EUR (SEPA): €5

EUR (SWIFT): €55

GBP and CHF: 0.15% with a 55 GBP and 15 CHF minimum

Increase LTV: 1.5% from the increased amount

Close now fee: 1% from the overdraft amount

Reopen: Interest fee + 1% service fee from the borrowed amount

Extend PDL: 1.5% from the additional collateral.


Celsius has no loan fees other than the interest that is charged. They also don’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.

Mobile And App

Both Youhodler and Celsius are accessible through their respective apps and also via their websites. Their apps are both compatible with android OS and the iOs which can be downloaded to desktops too.


Celsius Wallet (Freewallet)

With celsius apps for iOS and Android, you can create a Celsius Wallet. The wallet backs up your account and is synchronized with the blockchain making it easier for you to use. By logging in using your email, Facebook, Gmail, or cell phone number, you can start using your wallet in less than a minute.

You can manage your coins at any moment on your desktop via our website to access your CEL account. The Celsius Freewallet is compatible with Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, and other Linux-based operating systems.

Youhodler wallet

Your Youhloder wallet will be created immediately upon your registration, account verification, and visit to the Wallet page. Youholder wallet is divided into three sections; the Fiat, the cryptocurrency, and stablecoin wallets.

crypto bitcoin wallet

The Youhodler wallet offers:

  •       easy withdrawals and top-ups
  •     simple crypto-crypto/crypto-fiat exchange for any cryptocurrency, stablecoins, or fiat;
  •       easy transaction status and history tracking;
  •       combining hot and cold storage to give consumers’ money the highest level of protection;
  •       The Blockchain Association safeguards all wallet owners.

Credit cards

Both Youhodler and Celsius claim that a credit card would eventually be available for the platform, but neither company currently offers one. These cards will enable users to make everyday purchases using the platform’s interest or the tokens in their wallets. Automatic instantaneous conversion between cryptocurrency and money will be possible to enable this.

Bonuses And Promos

Celsius provides new users a $50 sign-up bonus, an offer that is rare with other similar platforms, Youhodler just offers a tiny discount or bonus interest rate yield on your initial investment. Currently, there is no Youhodler sign up bonus.

Privacy And Security 

One of the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting a platform to buy and lend Bitcoins is safety. You would probably be asking is both Celsius and Youhodler safe?

Because of the numerous high-profile breaches that have occurred over the years, cybersecurity is a constant problem for bitcoin businesses. Fortunately, two of the safest services for lending and borrowing cryptocurrency are Youhodler and Celsius Network. Neither Celsius nor YouHodler is careless when it comes to security. Both websites feature a wealth of material alerting users to cybersecurity concerns and providing “DIY content” on how to defend oneself from these occurrences. But YouHodler appears to go a little bit further.

Let’s start by discussing Celsius. The cryptocurrency platform Celsius has received the ISO/IEC 27001 security certification and is US-registered and SEC-regulated. With multi-party computation, it incorporates features of the highest caliber of security (MPC).

The security measures Celsius has implemented include:

  •       Cold storage wallets with multiple signatures
  •       Using two factors to authenticate
  •       Insurance through Fireblocks,
  •       Mandatory KYC and SEC regulatory compliance

Youhodler is not subject to US SEC regulation because it is a Swiss-registered business. It also adheres to all necessary security precautions, including multi-factor authentication, cold storage wallets, and required KYC.

YouHodler frequently employs outside security audit companies to look for and pinpoint holes in the security system. If a flaw is discovered, the development team instantly addresses it. 

YouHodler gains access to Ledger Vault’s pooled tailored crime insurance policy, which is backed by Arch UK Lloyds of London and offers up to $150 million in coverage, in addition to independent security assessments from third parties.

Youhodler offers $150 million in insurance through its custodian Ledger Vault.

Various risks covered by the insurance include:

  • Employee theft brought on by conspiracy 
  • Private key/master seed theft by a third 
  • Party Physical hardware security breach.

Overall, the security of the two platforms is equivalent. Celsius will be the best option for you if you’re a US-based user. You can select one of the two platforms if you are based outside of the US.

Youhodler Pros & Cons


  •       User-friendly design with a clear UX/UI interface for both newbies and old users.
  •       No limitations on both funds and features.
  •       12.3% high-interest rate on deposits without the need to purchase or stake more tokens
  •       Loans have a high loan-to-value ratio (90%)
  •       Competitive pricing
  •       Wide exchange functions for all currencies.
  •       Multi HODL and Turbocharge that help you to capitalize on volatility 
  •       Web-based and mobile applications (iOS and Android)
  •       Instantaneous lending and quick withdrawals to bank accounts, debit cards, or digital currency wallets
  •       Quick and friendly customer relations service
  •       Many entertaining social media campaigns and contests with fantastic prizes.
  • Top-level security functions.
  •       A continuously expanding list of currencies and tokens that work with all essential features.


  •       Youhodler is a centralized platform.
  •       The mobile app occasionally has bugs
  •       Restricted in some countries such as China and the USA
  •       There’s no Youhodler credit card yet.

Celsius Pros & Cons


  •       An easy-to-use mobile application
  •       Payments made with the CEL token are free Loyalty program
  •       Gift shop
  •       Owners of CEL tokens can earn up to 15% interest on their savings.
  •       Accessible to Americans (in a limited capacity).


  •       It is a centralized platform
  •       Few Cryptocurrencies with limited use cases.
  •       High saving interest rate exclusively for CEL holders only.
  •       Limited educational resources.
  •       No credit cards yet.

Conclusion: Why YouHodler is better

By enabling customers to either earn with their cryptocurrency holdings or borrow money against them, Youhodler and Celsius Network empower users of cryptocurrencies. In contrast to Youhodler, which offers quick and simple crypto loans between $100 and $30,000, Celsius Network’s mobile app allows users to earn, borrow, and move money on the blockchain.

Youhodler makes it simple to get cash and repay loans using EUR, USD, or USDT. It takes 20+ cryptocurrencies as collateral, including BTC, ETH, and a variety of others, and has one of the strongest loan-to-value ratios in the market. Cryptocurrency owners on the Celsius Network can benefit from incentives by transferring their currencies to the Celsius Wallet. The interest rate on loans secured by cryptocurrency is as low as 1% on Celsius.

Although Youhodler is a much smaller site, it is simpler to use and offers a more extensive rewards program. For technical difficulties or issues, you can trust Youhodler’s customer service as they are more prompt and easy to reach.  A comparison between Youhodler vs Nexo also highlights how better Youhodler is.


Is Youhodler safe?

Youhodler keeps its customer funds secure, offline, and in cold storage. For the safe storage of their users' loaned monies, Youhodler has worked with a number of respected banks in Switzerland and Europe. Additionally, it makes the deal legally binding and complies with EU standards.

Is Celsius safe?

Due to extreme market conditions, Celsius stopped all withdrawals and transfers on its platform on June 13. Although the corporation claims that $750m is stored in an insurance fund with GK8, Celsius is not subject to financial regulations of compensation plans. Your assets are in danger, just like on any unregulated bitcoin platform.

Can I trust Youhodler?

Youhodler is a reliable site that provides various services for bitcoin owners in different ways. This platform is ideal for cryptocurrency owners who want to generate income rather than have their coins dormant in their best crypto wallets.

Which one is Better?

In a head-to-head comparison of platform features between Youhodler and Celsius, Youhodler easily beats Celsius. Also noteworthy is the fact that Youhodler requires no additional steps to reach higher rates of return, whereas Celsius requires earning in CEL in order to access the higher rates they promote.